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At Multipak we are committed to meeting customer requirements, continuously improving our quality system and maintaining flexibility in delivery to our customers.

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All our products meet the most demanding manufacturing standards, as well as certifications that guarantee the delivery of orders with the best attention, delivery time and quality. We offer products with Heat Treatment for export complying with the provisions of the Standard NOM-144-SEMARNAT-2017 and ISPM-15, if you want more information click here >


We have a network of facilities and subsidiaries strategically located where we have a sales team and experts in integrated packaging solutions to meet the needs of any type of industry.

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  HQ - Durango, Dgo.

Colegio España #107
Col. Predio Tayafe
C.P. 34209
Durango, Dgo.
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(618) 833 7978

  Monterrey - San Nicolás de los Garza, N.L.
  San Luis Potosí - San Luis Potosí, S.L.P.
  Tlaxcala - Tetla, Tlax.
  Torreón - Torreón, Coah.

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